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We are sold out of brass 6mm Hagar cartridge cases. We still have several thousand nickel cartridge cases.

6mm Hagar brass is now in stock and ready for shipment in both brass and nickel finish.

Reloading dies from both Hornady and from Redding are also in stock and ready for shipment.

Go to the order form tab to place your orders.

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H & K Associates, LLC bring you 6mm HAGAR brass, reloading dies and other related items to enhance your capabilities for long range shooting using the AR15-type platform.  Developed by John Harrison, a prominent match rifle shooter and Sid Goodling, a well-respected bench-rest gunsmith, the 6mm Harrison and Goodling Automatic Rifle (HAGAR) cartridge fills a significant place in the cartridge line up.  No other cartridge with the performance of the 6mm HAGAR is readily available for use in the AR15-type platform.

Let the 6mm HAGAR help put you in the winner’s circle!

Premier match cartridge for match shooting using the
AR15-type platform

Outstanding cartridge for varment shooters


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